Legal notice and Terms of use

Updated to: December 10th, 2021


This website located in the URL: (hereinafter, “Website”) is owned by SIROCCO ENERGY, S.L., with CIF B-42848499, with registered offices in Calle Jorge Luis Borges, number 22, (28806) Alcalá de Henares, Madrid, Spain (hereinafter, ´"SIROCCO").


Any communication, query or claim to Sirocco can be made through the following channels:

Post mail: calle Jorge Luis Borges, 22, 28806, Alcalá de Henares, Madrid, Spain

Telephone: (+34) 689.544.154




SIROCCO recommends the exhaustive reading of this LEGAL NOTICE AND TERMS OF USE, as well as the PRIVACY POLICY, before using the Website and accessing the contents and services offered on the Website.


This Website has been created to:

Publicise the services offered by SIROCCO to public, users, and potential customers (hereinafter, the "USER").

Allow the USER to contact SIROCCO and receive the information requested, through the Website, about the services offered by SIROCCO.


The information contained on the Website is in force on the date of its last updating (indicated at the beginning) and it should be considered as the introductory information for the USER and relating to the services offered through the Website. If the USER wants to confirm the date of the updating of any information, they can request it by sending an email to:

The purpose of this present LEGAL NOTICE AND TERMS OF USE is to publicize the conditions that regulate the access and the general use of the Website to the USER, for which the access and using of the these implies necessarily the acceptance and complying with this present LEGAL NOTICE AND TERMS OF USE.

The terms of use contained in this LEGAL NOTICE AND TERMS OF USE will be able to be completed by SIROCCO through the contract which will establish the provision of determined services offered on the Website. That contract will substitute, complete, or modify this present LEGAL NOTICE AND TERMS OF USE, in this case.


The access and the use of the Website is free of charge and is done under the exclusive responsibility of the USER, who will have to possess enough legal capacity and representation to use it.

The USER commits to make use of the Website according to the rules and conditions established by SIROCCO. The access and the using of the Website imply the commitment and the obligation of the USER to use it according to the current legislation, as well as to the good faith principle, ethics, and public order.

The USER commits to make the correct, diligent, and lawful use and not to use it with the purpose of fraud as well as not to carry out any behavior that could harm the image, the interests, and the rights of SIROCCO or of the third parties, assuming the obligation to use the Website, the services and the contents included in it in a diligent, correct, and lawful manner. Likewise, the USER commits to not carry out any act with the purpose of harming, disabling, or overcharging the Website or impeding, in any way, its normal use and functioning.


The USER assumes the responsibility of the use they make of the Website. This responsibility is extended to the register that might be necessary to access determined contents or services. SIROCCO disclaims all the liability derived from the misuse of the contents and services offered on the Website.

The USER commits to make appropriate use of the contents and services that SIROCCO can make available to you through the Website, and for information and not limiting purposes, they commit to not: (i) engage in illicit activities, illegal or against the good faith and the public order (ii) cause damage in the physical and logical systems of SIROCCO, of its providers or third parties, deliver or spread computer viruses in the net or any other physical or logical systems, liable to cause previously mentioned damage, (iii) try to access, and should this be the case, use the user profiles of other users, if this options is available.

The USER is the only responsible for the veracity and correction of the data delivered through the Website by means of the contact form and therefore they guarantee and in any case are responsible for the accuracy, validity and authenticity of the personal data delivered. Likewise, the USER will have to keep updating the data delivered through the Website.

SIROCCO does not take the responsibility for the damage or harm, caused by the misuse of the Website done by the USER.

Also, SIROCCO will be able to block, cancel or delete any information sent through the Website should they detect false or incorrect data or its use for a purpose different from the ones established in the present LEGAL NOTICE AND TERMS OF USE or other terms or guidelines established by SIROCCO.


SIROCCO reserves the right to modify and update the contents, the services, the configuration and the Website appearance as well as to eliminate them, limit them or impede the access temporarily or permanently, without previous notice and when SIROCCO considers it appropriate, should it be due to the routine maintenance tasks of the system, because of the overcharge, due to the risk of the service interruption or to guarantee the safety of the USER.

Consequently, in no case does SIROCCO take responsibility for any loss or damage caused directly or indirectly because of casual interruptions or suspensions of the Website that might occur.


SIROCCO disclaims any liability concerning any information not contained on the Website, and hence, not delivered by SIROCCO or not published on their behalf. Specifically, they disclaim the liability over the information contained in the Website pages or blogs of third parties that might be connected by links with the Website of SIROCCO.

SIROCCO is not liable for possible safety errors that might occur due to the use of terminals or mobile phones infected with computer viruses or for the consequences that might derive from the malfunctioning of the browser or software of the device, or for the use of not updated versions of it. Hence, SIROCCO is not liable, in any case, for the damage of any nature that might be suffered by the USER, despite having adopted the appropriate and necessary measures to avoid it by SIROCCO.

Likewise, SIROCCO disclaims liability regarding damages of any kind, suffered by the USER which arise from failures, disconnections in communication networks that might produce suspension, cancellation, or interruption of the service of the Website during its provision or before.


All the contents of the Website are the intellectual and industrial property of SIROCCO, or should this be the case, of third parties that participate in the creation of the contents and services offered on the Website and who have accepted the publication on the Website for the corresponding purposes. The fact of being USER of the Website does not grant you any right to the intellectual or industrial property of the works and contents of the Website, except if the contrary is established contractually between SIROCCO and USER. The texts, photographs, graphs, images, icons, technology, software, links and other audio-visual or audio contents as well as graphic design, source codes and binary codes and any other material are included in the contents for exclusively informational purposes.

Likewise, the brands, commercial names, distinctive signs are owned by SIROCCO, or should this be the case, of third parties that participate in the creation of the contents offered, except when the opposite is established. The USER will have to respect the rights of the intellectual and industrial property of the Website always owned by SIROCO, and should this be the case, of the contents developed by third parties for SIROCCO. Consequently, it is expressly prohibited for the USER to cede the rights of the intellectual property over the Website.

Likewise, it is forbidden for the USER to use, reproduce, copy, transform, transfer, or exploit in any way the contents published on the Website without prior, written authorization on behalf of SIROCCO or its owner.

In case of any doubt concerning the property of any of the contents or services offered through the Website, we recommend that you contact SIROCCO.


The reproduction, copying, use, distribution, commercialization, public communication, or any other activity that might be done with the information found on the Website, and which is done without the authorization of SIROCCO is strictly forbidden, it is a regulatory infringement, and it is sanctioned by current legislation.


It is forbidden to use any of the technical, logical, or technological resources, by means of which any person, be it or not the USER of the Website, could benefit directly or indirectly, with or without profit, from the contents of the Website.


The different services regulated by the present LEGAL NOTICE AND TERMS OF USE are managed by SIROCO, with the headquarters in Spain.

The access and use of the Website by the USER in a specific country will be done under their responsibility. The USER is the only responsible for complying with the laws of the country, from which they access the Website and its contents.


SIROCCO will be able to substitute or modify the LEGAL NOTICE AND TERMS OF USE at any moment for technical reasons, due to changes in the provision of the service, due to legal requirements that might derive from applicable type codes, or should this be the case, due to strategic corporate decisions.

When SIROCCO substitutes or modifies the LEGAL NOTICE AND TERMS OF USE, it will be published on the Website, and it will be made known to the USER in a transparent and accessible way so that they can become familiar with and accept the new conditions.

SIROCCO recommends the USER to consult this LEGAL NOTICE AND TERMS OF USE periodically as it can undergo modifications. You can always consult the current version in the section LEGAL NOTICE AND TERMS OF USE, by accessing the link at the bottom of the homepage of the Website.


The Website and this LEGAL NOTICE AND TERMS OF USE are governed by the laws of Spain. In case of any controversy between the USER and SIROCCO, regarding the Website and the LEGAL NOTICE AND TERMS OF USE, the parties expressly submit to the Courts of the city of Madrid (Spain).