Data unveils power

We develop short term generation forecasts of renewable energy for the energy markets.

Helping wind energy companies operate efficiently and maximise their returns.

Solar energy forecasting solutions and services for high-resolution observation.

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Our Story

Sirocco Energy is a spin-off created by some visionary spirits that came together. Pep from Vortex, Javier from MeteoRed, and our amazing CEO, Omar. Focused on optimizing energy production, we integrate technology and meteorology to bring about reliable power production forecasts for wind and solar assets.


Customization and Flexibility

Tailor made power production forecasts to fit your unique needs.


Integration and Smart Energy Management

Seamless integration for smart energy management through our API.


Research and Development

Pioneering the next wave of energy innovation. Our R&D department uses machine learning and AI algorithms to make the most accurate forecast.

Training and Support

Customer Training and Support

We empower our customers with knowledge and support through their entire journey.

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Founders & Partners


Our Mission

Give reliable forecasting solutions for people working in the Renewable Energy Day Ahead or Intraday Markets.

If I knew what would happen in the electricity and renewable energy market tomorrow, today I would make strategic decisions to maximize profits and optimize energy production. It would be like having a crystal ball to predict the future of your energy business.

However, I cannot offer you infallible predictions. What I can provide is a forecasting service based on rigorous analysis, historical patterns, real-time data, and advanced technology. Our team of energy experts, supported by AI algorithms and models, can provide valuable insights into energy production.

Our forecasting service is like having a strategic partner that helps you make informed decisions and maximize the performance of your energy assets. You can use our forecasts to optimize the operation of your wind or solar farms, minimize costs, avoid deviations, and maximize revenue.

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