Data unveils power

We develop short term generation forecasts of renewable energy for the energy markets.

Helping wind energy companies operate efficiently and maximise their returns.

Solar energy forecasting solutions and services for high-resolution observation.

Traders Choose us

We are chosen because we are reliable, flexible and experts; our success surges from our discipline and continuous strive for excellence. We search for the best analysts to join our team and we use state of the art technology to provide the best available forecast.



Our model is based on cutting edge modelling technology and uses a combination of up to 36 different algorithms to provide a reliable forecast.



We optimize results using specific information from each location plus the use of NWP (Numerical Weather Models) and deliver forecasts through the customer's preferred channels, without the need of downloading any software or installing any hardware.

International Expertise

International Expertise

Our founding partners MeteoRed and Vortex have over 30 years of international experience in over 70 countries worldwide and more than 10.000 clients, this gives Sirocco the credentials to be a pioneer in forecasting.

What data do you need?

Retrospective Forecasting

Are you looking to make predictions into the past or simulations?

We can provide retrospective predictions or simulations so that you can study the performance of our models or see how much you would have generated in the past.

See how much power will be produced


Agility for Wind & Solar Sources and Reliability for Traders.

Our Predictive Model

Our Predictive Model

We undertake a third-generation approach that combines Statistical Training (MeteoRed) and Physical Downscaling Models (Vortex) to unveil the best forecast.

Real Time Updates

Real Time Updates

We can calculate the amount of energy and correct the forecast of your renewable asset in real time for the reliability of the grid.

User Friendly

User Friendly

Weather forecasting is a complex science but we have managed to make it look easy by using big data, machine learning, algorithms and a friendly user interface.

Meteorological Variables

  • Power production
  • Wind speed & direction
  • Solar irradiance & temperature
  • Other weather variables

Time Metrics

  • Resolution 60`(or higher 30`, 20`, 15`10`& 5`)
  • Up to 240 hours horizon
  • Hour by hour updates


  • Real time updates
  • Quick setup, 5 to 7 days
  • Easy to create new projects and upload data
  • Download in different formats (TXT, CSV, XML, XLSX, SAS)
  • Graphical interface for easy view of forecasts
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